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How much to hook up two light fixtures and one ceiling fan


When re-attaching a small vent plate over wiring at the bottom back of my clothes dryer, I touched the wiring, with a few sparks occurring. Can I use the dryer or have the wiring checked first?


I need my fuse boxes to be inspected anda report for my insurance ,who would ne able to do this and what if anything do i meed tocheck b4 they come out?


how much do these electrical contractors cost per hr. 2 men and a truck


Kathleen H.

This company is a moving company. To get an exact quote you would have to go to their website and provide information about your move. Some business review sites report the average rates are between $80-$100 per hour. ...Read More
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What questions should I ask before hiring an electrical contractor?


Bruce H.

I always ask if they're licensed and insured. I don't want anyone messing around with my electrical systems who isn't qualified and won't be able to pay for the damage if they make a mistake. I also ask if they do this type of work often because I want someone with experience too. You should always request references as well. If they can't provide them, you should walk away. ...Read More
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