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where in LI can i rent a car with manual transmission?


Are rent a car companies open 6 days a week?


Is there a free shuttle from San Antonio airport to Dollar rent-a-car office?


What is needed to purchase a car in another state?


Do car rental companies accept debit cards?


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Most car rental companies accept debit cards. However, relative to clients renting with credit cards, clients renting with debit cards usually have to meet at least one additional qualification requirement. If you're using a debit card, car rental companies might require you to make an additional deposit, or they may run a credit check. Some rental companies might place a hold on your debit card of up to $500 until the car is returned. And some car rental companies might require you to provide a recent pay stub to verify employment, or a recent utility bill. Many companies require those renting with debit cards to take out full-coverage car insurance on the vehicle being rented....Read More