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Northland Physical Therapy & Rehab
2100 Swift Ave, Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 474-8877


Northland Physical Therapy has been a North of the River Treasure for nearly 40 years. Intially started by Bill Dunn, P.T. in 1970, the practice was then purchased in 1991 by Frank Ferrantelle P.T. , ...
I've been seeing them for my knees for a couple of months now. They are a wonderful group of physical therapists. They manage to remain personable and professional simultaneously. PT is an awkward enough activity to engage in, so it's nice to have such helpful people and nice facilities. Would reco...
As a stroke survivor, I attended - two of my six, scheduled sessions at the Northland Physical Therapy & Rehab Center. After completing a thorough consultation by Megan Theilling, PTA, I was scheduled for a 45-minute, "aqua-therapy session, under the supervision of Jenifer Dixon, PTA. I h...
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